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  |   Press review

Unterschleißheim – Two picture series show absolutely different types of men: Marlene Kern has headlined her exhibition which is to be seen currently in the town hall Unterschleißheim “Images of men”.


On the one hand the viewer recognises the power hungry people and on the others the lifesavers. The artist meets a clear statement with her pictures and makes above all men heroes who have saved the life war refugees on her dangerous way in the country of the peace. Marlene Kern (46) has a name in Unterschleissheim for a long time: The Munich designer works for about 20 years for the Forum Unterschleissheim and the association ICU. She formed the modern corporate identity, logodesign, posters, brochures and other medias.


This time she shows her private art with the quite classical acrylic colours on big canvas. Daniela Benker, director of the Forum Unterschleißheim, enabled the exhibition. One of her favorite pictures shows an assistant of “Moas” (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) who holds a young refugee‘s child in golden warm thermal foil in the arm. The child sat on a capsizing small boat with refugees and was saved shortly before the drowning from the sea. “For me this is a hero”, says Marlene Kern who postpainted the photo and proves thus »to this as a lifesaver probably the happiest person in the world« the honour. Some pictures of the second series devote themselves to the subject Refugees. One shows a fully occupied ship, another assistant in the need. »Who gives something, gets back something«, says the artist. She wants to make clear that “in Europe a mood develops against refugees, because of the declarations of bankruptcy of the politics”. The supporting heroes with the big hearts from the second series face to the first part of the man‘s pictures in which the strong gender allows to play his muscles. The acrylic paintings of series 1 show strong men who strive for power and influence or, in a three group form obviously a pact. Here one sees the strong men, the feelings as a token of male weakness want to evaluate and hide them rather.


These contrasts make the exhibition with the wide pictures so fascinating. Marlene Kern shows her “Images of men” till the 19th of June in the town house of Untereschleißheim. The entry is free.